10 April 2016

Sunny Day

Was a sunny day,
Not a cloud was in the sky...

However there were a few negative words said as we approached the entrance to the White Cliffs Park  to find the gates closed and staff directly people away. Reggie's walk and a cup of tea for us was not going to happen.

We turned round and headed for the Battle of Britain Museum at Capel-Le-Ferne. 

It's dog friendly on the grounds but not in the new "Wing" museum. We sat outside whilst Claire went into get get teas.

The memorial wall lists the names of all the pilots that took part in the Battle from June to September 1940 and were killed in action. "The Few".

Hitler's forces were massing on the opposite side of the channel only 22 miles away. The British Expedtionary Force and French and Belgian armies had just been rescued from the beaches near Dunkerque. It was dire for Britain.

RAF fighter command in the sourh-east was the only defence against the Luftwaffe's massive formation of bombers that came to pound London and Britain's industrial heartland.

They came from far and wide, not just Britain and the Empire, but from the US and the recently conquered nations; Czechoslovakia, Poland, Holland and others.

The marble wall is a fitting memorial to "The Few".

As Winston Churchill said:

"Never was so much owed by so many to so few".

Even the loos are themed!

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