7 April 2016

Lug 'oles?

After Monday’s visit to the surgery I have been referred to an ENT clinic at a local hospital. A letter came through yesterday so that I can login and book my own appointment. The choice was quite extensive.  I worked my way through the list, one at a time.

“No appointments available” was pretty common until one of what appears to be two different ENT clinics at the William Harvey. Booked 9th May as that’s the earliest appointment anywhere. As there has been no improvement since Day 1 over six weeks ago, I doubt there will be much change before then.

The nurse-practitioner says that there is no perforation but a small bulge towards the bottom of the drum.  Oh well.

1 comment:

Trobairitz said...

Hopefully it doesn't get worse in the month you have to wait to see someone.

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