16 April 2016


I expect this is what they call a "First World Problem". But even so it is a pain in the ass.

My iPod Classic has decided that it will only charge if connected to one specific USB port on Claire's laptop. Luckily, I have an account on it that holds iTunes.

Nothing happens when connected through a genuine Apple cable, connected to the mains with a genuine Apple plug.

With 80GB capacity it has everything on it that I own in CD format as well as downloads from iTunes and Amazon.  It's a mobile databank of my musical tastes for the last thirty or more  years. Yes, I do have CD's on stuff I bought on vinyl back in the dark ages. 

So when it got very low today, so low that on the screen the battery had the smallest sliver of red showing, I had no qualms about firing up the Dell.

Then panic mode started.  The screen went off and ever so faintly it said something about recovery mode.  Oh sh*t!  Not here again!  The iPhone 5S did this last year.

Connecting to iTunes seemed to have the effect of it deciding to restore the software and the "this will delete everything off the device" message still chills the blood.

It restored back the factory setting, but at least now the lightning bolt was shining in the battery icon and the screen was lit up.....

In the end all it needed was to go into iTunes and tell it to sync the entire music library and podcasts. A small hiccup when it decided that about sixty albums couldn't be restored as I hadn't authorised this computer.  The computer that for at least five years has been the home of iTunes Library.... Yeah, Right.  These just happened to be Amazon downloads and CD rips.  

Here I am about 90 minutes later and it has just finished the sync.  I only have 36.6gb of free space....

At least I have been able to sit and think about the future of my relationship with Apple. I do feel I hate them and all they stand for, but whilst I was thinking that, I was listening to The Who "Quadrophenia".

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