13 March 2016


As I right clicked on the E: drive on the laptop and selected "format", I had one of those little nervous moments.

Spin the clock back a week.

The quarterly email arrived advising me that my latest update was available. It took a couple of days before I hooked the TomTom up and installed the maps. 

Once finished I tested that it worked. Everything seemed to be in working order except the problem I encounter very (too?) often. The ability to create ad-hoc routes through the Address tile on the plan route screen.

I did the usual, deleted the application but this time it didn't work. I tried a few times and then logged a call.

Then it was the weekend and apart from the email acknowledging the problem nothing came back.

Wednesday came and the reply said to go to TomTom Home and delete all the contents off the computer. As I have the US mapping there I skipped that bullet point and went to the second.

That's where we came in. Formatting the unit's 2gb memory. 

I did it. Full format to FAT32.

The clock seemed to stop, time stood still.

Restarting Home found the unit and as instructed I installed everything except the map. Once completed I restored the map for Europe West.

After it rebooted I tested it. A few things are missing like the startup screen image. No biggy there.

The nice English ladies voice has gone and replaced with American and Australian voices. No thanks. Had to opt for the English male voice!

Apart from that it seems to be working okay. Routes including the Address tile work well.

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