27 March 2016

Lambing @ Brockhill

Today we had a trip up to the farm by Brockhill Park and the school. As it was for the lambing we couldn't take Reggie.

In the end we didn't see many lambs but we did see some of the pigs that they rear. The school has its own young farmers club.

The pigs are quite fascinating when they aren't fast asleep and snoring loudly.

The other reason was to see The Independent Baker. She is the daughter of one of Claire's friend's.  She make some marvellous cakes.

Of course we had to try some slices of her cakes.

Once eaten we set off home. We needed to take Reggie out whilst the weather was good.

A slight mistake on my behalf and we arrived at Dymchurch for a walk on the beach at high tide! No beach visible.

In the we had a long walk along the promenade. It was windy with Storm Katie and her 65mph winds due any moment. 

The sea comes up to just below where the yellow line is painted on the edge. 

The pano shows the sky colour as well as the sea.

Dymchurch also has three Martello Towers, one in the car-park and unused, one to the east and a private house, and this one right in the middle is open to visitors on certain dates.

I turned and took a picture of Claire and Reggie. 

Our last stop was at Lamby's seafood stall where we indulged in some whelks.

Not to everyone's taste, but with some chilli vinegar and pepper the flavours come out. They are salty enough!

And then home.

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Trobairitz said...

That sound like a great day out in spite of the weather. Pigs are interesting creatures and quite smart too. Not as smart as Reggie I imagine.

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