20 March 2016

Grove Ferry Inn

Yesterday was quite busy.  Firstly I had the monthly Meldrews MCC meeting at the Blue and White Cafe in Smeeth. Quite a decent turnout with six of us. I collected a few quid for the 1916-2016 Anniversary pins that I got off the Royal British Legion.

In the afternoon we had a "Kent Big Weekend" trip to Grove Ferry and a boat trip. It didn't look very dog friendly and so I took Reggie out for a walk before we went out. "The Kent Big Weekend" has been running a few years and is an initiative to get people out to the attractions the county has to offer tourists.

With 90 minutes between home and the boat, we should have had plenty of room.  I set the satnav, mistake, and then set off. It took us on a route I would never have thought of and then we hit a snag with roads closed due to a railway bridge needing repairs, In the end the 45 minute journey took 80. At least we did get the change to visit Patrixbourne 3 time and have a drive through two of the fords, once each.

Arriving so late meant no lunch and straight on the boat. On the jetty the previous trip came in complete with couple and large Labrador!  Grrr.

The trip itself was quite good. A little cold and the first day that they were running this year.  This early in the year there's not a lot of wildlife apart from a few wading birds and Herons.  We went ot were kingfisher's next and only saw one of the birds as it streaked away and then later on its way back!   Later in the year the visiting birds will have migrated to the area and will provide more entertainment.

Once back on dry land, we found the pub is dog friendly!  In fact, the sign in the fireplace makes that very clear.  Grrr again! 

After a coffee to warm up we hurried home, going back the way we should and would have gone without TomTom's instructions!  Back in 40 minutes!

A quick comfort break for both of us and Reggie and he was in the car and we went to the beach at Dymchurch. Opting to pay the £1.20 an hour and park in the car-park.  The alternatives are muddier and less safe but free.

An hour on the beach with him running and swimming burns off some of his excess energy.  The beach is off limits to dogs from May 1st to September 30th and so we have to make the most of the miles of sand, when the tide is out, as we can, One of the best things we have bought is the ball and springy launcher.  He runs for miles after the ball. 

In the end a great day out and about.

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