2 March 2016


Hopefully not forever... Not permanently.

I was sitting at my desk, all of us chatting when I couldn't hear anything in my right ear. A few deep swallows and a try to "blow" my ears had no result.

I trotted off to the pharmacy and the pharmacist suggested it was merely wax building up and sold me some drops.

Twice a day since. No change.

I called the surgery today and have an appointment with the nurse on Monday morning to sort it out. Until then continue with the drops.

All I have at the moment is a constant whooshing noise in the right. A bit like driving with the driver's window cracked open a little... Plus a little loss of balance.

Other suggestions from colleagues range from shaving my beard off to warm olive oil. 

My mums's old solution, literally, of soda  bicarbonate in warm water is frowned on.

I remember my dad having my his ears syringed and leaving the surgery and not noticing anything different until a bus went past and it was so loud he almost jumped out of his skin. I can imagine him turning the sky a very dark shade of blue!

Hoping for the same!!

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