11 December 2015

Google Nexus 7

After the trials and tribulations of the Hudl last year, this year I went a step further and bought a Nexus 7. Again powered by Android.

This one (for my sins) is a factory reconditioned model despite this upgrade not being out that long. The drawback against the Hudl is that there is no micro-sd slot to enhance the disk space and I am stuck with the 32GB onboard memory.

Although compared to the iPhone 5S I currently have the apps seem smaller and run more quickly. The problem is that many of the iPhone apps I use aren't replicated for Android.

The unit is very well made. It feels more substantial and better made than the Hudl.  The screen colours are far better and the operating system seems quicker.

As it is Google a lot of the things, like Blogger, are available. The app though isn't that good and has many shortcomings whereas the iPhone app is far better. Work that one out!

Let's see how we get on with this!

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