29 December 2015

Decembeard 2015 Beardy update!

Day 29

Well, day 29 of Decembeard is almost over and this is where I am at beardwise. Although I did get it trimmed a week or so before Christmas, otherwise it would be more woolly.

The justgiving page (https://www.justgiving.com/Paul-Devall-Beardy) has achieved 120% of my target. I know I set it a little lower than I wanted but it looks better this way.

Thanks to everyone that contributed.  :)

The picture shows me in a Motörhead T-shirt in memory of lead singer Lemmy Kilminster who died today of cancer.

Planet Rock made today Lemmy T-shirt Day.

#decembeard #lemmytshirtday

1 comment:

Trobairitz said...

Beard is filling in quite nicely.

I remember my brother getting me into Motorhead back in high school in the 80's and him playing Ace of Spades repeatedly when we were camping.

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