20 November 2015

Windows 10 now fixed

Thanks to Patrick at work we now have a working laptop with Windows 10 installed. 

After the problems when Windows Update decided to do the usual security fixes for Windows and Office, and lobbed in the Windows 10 upgrade at the same time, it is good to have it back.

Mind you. The original upgrade failed on October 26th and it took until November 16th to get it fixed.  Days in my life that I will never get back thanks to Microsoft and their half arsed upgrades.

On top of that there is the MS tech forum that suggests all sort of fixes and bodges that are way way outside the technical know-how of the average home user.  

Patrick though is a technician and network manager at work and even he struggled to fix it. In the end we had to backup what we could of the user data and then blast it, installing Windows 10 from scratch,

I am lucky he saw it as a challenge as I gather from the internet and forums that others, and many of them, have had to pay a lot of money for a professional to fix their shattered machines. Don't expect Microsoft to help though.

The other stroke of luck was that the challenge only cost me a bottle of Bushmill's Irish Whisky. Lucky indeed.

A lesson learned?

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