2 November 2015

Ring of Red

It's that time of year. Poppies have been on sale for a few weeks already and the Remembrance will take place on Sunday 8th November at 11am in Whitehall and all over the Commonwealth.

Why we don't stick to the proper day and have it on the 11th November, I do not know.  I suppose a Sunday means that Big Business doesn't have to miss a day's trading!

Ring of Red Wristband 2015
The Ring of Red is now in its third year.  Originally the target was to ring London on the M25 orbital motorway with bikes and their riders all wearing red to form a moving "poppy".  There is another on the M60 that rings Manchester.

Hopefully, the weather will be kind and thousands of bikes get out on the M25 at 1330 to complete the ring.

I had the event in the Meldrews diary but it wasn't met with too much enthusiasm so I took it out.  In the diary I am tied to a meet whether I am Johnny No-Mates or not.  Been there, done that and have many t-shirts to prove it.

This year I will cross the Thames at Dartford and meet the group from all over the country that have chosen to meet and leave from Meeting Point 1.

I'll post it again as an impromptu meeting rather than a definite.

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