27 October 2015

Windows 10 Upgrade

Well, that came as a surprise...

I turned on the Dell Inspiron and it started to download the latest updates to the OS.   It was on the dining table and I let it run as this operation seems to kill the machine, making it impossible to do anything else. 

Returning an hour or so later, after taking Reggie (the dog!) for a walk, and it was about 25% the way through installing Windows 10.   That was yesterday.

I know I had requested this "free" upgrade some months ago, but I thought I had the ultimate control on when I wanted to run it.  I let it run as it seemed the lesser of two evils rather than cancel it.

Sadly, my first inclination may have been the right one as over the next twelve hours it installed and welcomed me to Windows 10.

I then logged in and after a few minutes the desktop disappeared and this was it.  Just the weather widget!

No toolbar and no "start|" button. The only way I could get the desktop back was to restart the laptop.  Not ideal. Then it cleared off after a few minutes.

Extremely pissed off.  Luckily on my work laptop I was above to sign onto the MS Forum and see all the other mugs that had had problems.  None of the "fixes" worked for me and so I resorted to getting one of the techs at work to sort it out.  As it is school half term he is not back until next week!

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