16 October 2015

Sinterklaastreffen 2015

After a couple of years as Johnny No-Mates,  I again put it on the Meldrews Facebook page to see if anyone wants to go this year. So far not many takers.

This year will be 30 years since I went for the very first time.......

I have a spare crossing on Eurotunnel to use, one that I originally booked for the Charles Devall Memorial Ride and then changed when we went as a family in the car. I still had the motorcycle booking to re-use.

The plan is as usual. An early but not too early crossing to Calais, either by Eurotunnel train (me and maybe others!) or the ferry (others), and ride along to Ostend where the local club, Motor & Toerisme Vrienden Oostende have hosted the Sinterklaastreffen for over 45 years.

Once again the rally will be over a weekend but we have begun going for just the day over the last few years. Sometimes we go and join in the ride around with St Nick, other times we go, have lunch, buy chocolates and watch them ride past.  It depends on how cold and miserable we feel!

MTVO Poster

The date for the Meldrews diaries is December 5th 2015.

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Trobairitz said...

That sounds like fun. Hope the weather cooperates. i like their advert picture.

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