21 October 2015

Blogs Merged!

To cut down on the blogs I have merged  a few into one another. It makes management far simpler!

Blogger allows and provides a tool to aid the export of a blog's contents, and then import those contents into a new or existing blog. 

It also retains the publishing dates, photos, labels and the comments as they were and also sorts the posts into the right place in the new blog.

All the travel oriented blogs are now in one place:  HERE

Dora the Explorer has been imported here, into "On the Road Again"

The Ashes Tour has been merged into The Devall Boys On Tour - both these are shared blogs with my brother Neill.



Trobairitz said...

Thanks for the heads up. I tried adding the travel blog and right now Blogger won't let me save any additions so I'll have to try later from a difference computer.

Paul Devall said...

It did a couple and then it said I had reached the limit for today!

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