4 September 2015

Charles Devall Memorial Ride - 100 Years

The ride has become a drive! Claire coming with me and we will take Reggie for a trip abroad.  He's done glamping already!

As a result of the Insignia being off the road for longer journeys, I had to change the car on the Eurotunnel booking to Claire's Corsa and whilst I was at it, I changed the time of the crossing to an hour earlier.

This means that we will get to the Campanile Hotel an hour earlier whilst the restaurant is still open. If the dinner is as good there as it has been on the countless other Campaniles we have stayed in over the last thirty years or so, then we will be happy.

Reggie sadly will have to the guard the bedroom. He'll be okay with his bone and a couple of beds to jump on.

Charles is buried in the cemetery near La Chapelle Armentières and the journey is only about 60 miles from the Eurotunnel exit and about 59 miles from the hotel. 

Deplanques CWGC Cemetery from Google Maps
Saturday is the 12th, and actually my Mum's birthday. As we saw her a few weeks ago I am sure she will forgive us for not seeing her on her birthday as we are going to see another relative. Charles was killed on the 13th and so our trip there will be that day. On the Saturday I plan to take a scenic drive, fingers crossed for decent weather, along the Channel coast from France into Belgium, then loop back to end the day at the second hotel in Armentières for the night. I need to check how dog friendly they are too!

I have a British Legion Poppy Cross to leave with Charles to show that we care and remember his sacrifice. 

Once my brother and I have gone, who will there be to Remember?


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Trobairitz said...

I think it is so great that you go and visit Charles and remember the sacrifice. How many thousands of others do not do the same for their family.

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