4 September 2015

Car poorly!

The Insignia suffered a little damage when I dropped off the edge of a Scottish narrow road. The front left mudflap hit the ground at the bottom and the upward force pulled the inner wing off its mounts and the tyre wore a hole in it. Even though I pushed it all back the damage was done. 

I pulled the flap off and whilst it seemed okay it needed fixing properly. I booked it in to the Vauxhall dealers yesterday and they checked it out. Not too bad. No serious damage.

Then they gave it a test ride and checked the rear brakes. They showed them to me and I saw the pads are a bit close to being worn out, so I said do them at the same time.  Then we noticed that one of the rear springs was broken!  The strut is okay but the spring is actually broken. To be honest I never noticed any handling problems. It needs replacing too.

So it is booked in for the 18th September to be done.  £££££££!

I can drive it for local journeys where there are no big bumps that might cause it to fail completely, but is does mean that next weekend for the "Charles Devall Centenary Trip" we can't take it to France.

We'll have to go in Claire's Corsa!

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