19 August 2015

Armadillo vs Pod?

After staying in two different pods this year I can draw the conclusion between the layouts. 

Cooking: The Pod at Lee Wick Farm in Essex, where we stayed at Easter, is laid out with a table and two chairs and small kitchen on the left as you enter. It came with a microwave, fridge and kettle etc. The Loch Ness version has a cupboard and kitchen unit but no sink and no microwave but did have a fridge.

Seating: Lee Wick had a futon on the right as you step in. Loch Ness had the wet room.

Services: as mentioned the Loch Ness wet room is inside the door as you step in. At Lee Wick, the toilet/washbasin is at the rear left. It's not a shower though unlike Loch Ness.

Sleeping: both were setup with double beds on arrival.

Lee Wick layout
After staying in both variants I found that the Lee Wick setup was far better. The only seating in Loch Ness was the bed. The weather and the the midges mean that sitting outside on the picnic style benches was only for the brave and the well sprayed. Eating in was also a pain as there were no seats.

At Lee Wick, the futon provided extra sleeping accommodation if required and somewhere to sit. The table and chairs meant eating in was an option.

The addition of TV at Loch Ness was a plus for evenings in.

All in all I think that Lee Wick Farm comes out winner in a straight shoot out.

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Trobairitz said...

A nice comparison.

When we stayed at a wee cabin in Washington a few years ago it was nice that it had electricity, a futon, plus a bed, table and chairs and wall heaters. No sink or loo though, those were outside.

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