26 July 2015

Scotland the Brave

It's two years since my brother Neill and I had the whistle stop trip to Scotland to take our Mum's ashes to their final resting place near Aviemore.

It's even longer since the bike club's "indoor camping weekends" came to a halt. Every year for four or five I organised a trip up to Scotland for the SOC and we stayed in youth hostels and student rooms where colleges were closed for the summer.

So this year we are going back, but in the car. Claire will be the co-pilot and back seat driver will be Reggie.

The plan is to get away after work and get part way on the road, at least get around London so we can have a clearer run on the Friday morning. 

I have planned a second stop near Carlisle. Hopefully the route will take us near some part of Hadrian's Wall as we cut across from the east coast and the A1 to the M6/A6. 

And then into Scotland near Gretna. We have two overnights in Glencoe and three near Loch Ness before we start to turn South and homeward bound again.


Trobairitz said...

Do they still have a blacksmith's anvil n Gretna for touristy type pics? Trip sounds like fun and I am sure reggie will appreciate coming along.

Paul Devall said...

It's there but not easy to see as the whole place is a commercial nightmare.

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