22 July 2015

Denver - First "On Bike" Vid!


Today was billed as sunny and once the dog walking and lunch had been taken, I could get out on R3, I decided to have a ride to Dungeness and the Railway Cafe to have a cup of tea and at the same time test the camera.

Lining it up with the app on the iPhone was child's play.  Rather than start at home I stopped on the back road on the marsh and did a short ride before stopping it. The iPhone app won't stream from the camera but you can download, With limited space on the phone this is not an option.

I had to wait to get home and get them on the laptop and then have a look. Two of the four look all right but two seems to have been taken through a steamed-up lens or "soft focus".  The camera looked okay when I checked it out.

Here's the first vid:

The music is Joe Bonamassa "Slow Train".

1 comment:

Trobairitz said...

Glad you could get out on the bike. The road looks fun.

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