17 July 2015

Charles Devall Centenary Trip

Originally I had planned this as a bike raid across the Channel to visit the cemetery where a guy that is probably my grand-uncle is buried. Or great great-uncle.

Charles was killed a hundred years ago on the 13th September. 

We have been before but this time we are going as a family. Claire, Reggie and me.

Now we are going for a weekend as Reggie needs his own passport that will show his vaccinations are up to date, that his rabies jab has been given and that he has been wormed.  

Apparently there are some nasty tapeworms in Europe that we don't have here in the UK. So the process means they are killed before they get can get a toehold in UK.

The system means he needs to be wormed up to 120 hours before return and would mean visiting a vet in Europe to get the worm treatment. As we are away for a weekend it all gets done this end.

I have booked hotels for Friday evening and Saturday evening that are dog-friendly. 

The first is from the Campanile chain of motels,  and we have stayed in many over the years, in Calais. It is very cheap at £29 for the night. But really we are just there to sleep to give us a good start on Day 2. The restaurant closes at 10pm and so we have to be able to get there in time to get there. Sadly, Reggie isn't allowed in the restaurant.   In the past we have stayed in a variety of hotels in France and there have been dogs, including Campaniles.

Night 2 is in Armentières and local enough to visit Charles.

More in September.


Trobairitz said...

Wow they really make you jump through the hoops when traveling with a pet. I guess because it is international.

Paul Devall said...

Yes. As an island we have been resistant to loads of nasty diseases like rabies that they have in Europe.

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