24 June 2015

The Last Trip

Destination Boulogne.

Döra and I set off in good time. After the strike and rioting by migrants in Calais, both ferry and shuttle services had been suspended.

In the end it was plain sailing into the terminal and checking in was a couple of minutes. Then we found the service had a twenty minute delay!

I took a few photos once underway!

The train has lots of bikes all, except me, going to Assen for the TT.

The plan was simply to head down the coast road, have coffee, have lunch and then return.

The first stop was Escalles for coffee only to find the usual cafe by the campsite is closed on a Wednesday.

Next Wissant. Market day and access to the square blocked!

So I headed towards the Todt Battery and found a new(ish) hotel and brasserie. Perfect for that first coffee of the day.

Todt Battery

As it was lunchtime perhaps a little light lunch. Croque Monsieur.

I hadn't expected chips and salad. In the end I ate the croque and half of the chips! Full!!!

Another coffee and think what to do for the next hour and a bit before I have to go back...

View from restaurant

From the restaurant I turned south to take a look at the 39-45 Museum. I've not been in this one as yet. Maybe on another trip.

From the Museum I headed north again as I had just over an hour left before check-in. I made a few stops at other places I have ridden past to take a few photos.

Selfie at the Tunnel

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Trobairitz said...

Enjoy that last ride on Dora!!

That lunch looks pretty tasty.

Paul Devall said...

It was nice but too many frites! The old Paul would have eaten them all. New Paul only half!

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