17 June 2015

Scotland Glamping - 2

Finally I have worked out the stops on the return journey from Scotland. The route looks like this:

The southernmost stop overnight is near where one of Claire's cousins lives and we can meet her and see her new puppy. It's a Labrador and Reggie will no doubt bond with it.

I changed the stop on the first night to a B&B from the Day's Inn. The Day's Inn is dog friendly but a little blander than a more traditional stop.

Tyre calculates the round trip to home to be about 1370 miles.  On top of that there's the trips out each day.

With the Insignia doing about 600 miles to a tank of diesel there's about £140 of fuel to consider. 

1 comment:

Trobairitz said...

Looks like another fun trip. I bet Reggie has a ball visiting with the puppy.

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