23 June 2015


I had the test ride on the Rocket today. A total of two and a half hours non-stop in the comfortable saddle and I had a decision to make.

I had gone originally with an idea to buy (if the trade in was okay) one with a few extras added already; screen and backrest. In the end it was sold yesterday!

I still took out another one.  Five months old and with 678 miles on the odometer.  It was just about run in and is the shop's demo bike. On sale for £2000 less than new.

In the end the trade-in offer was actually more than I had expected and so we shook on the deal.

Now to think of a name for her....


Trobairitz said...

Sweet, congrats on shaking on the deal. Does this mean no more Dora?

I bet that pillion seat will be comfy for your wife too.

Paul Devall said...

Döra will be history on Saturday. Can't afford two bikes. I dropped into Claire's work to let her see it and sit on the back.

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