14 June 2015

No good

The solar panel wasn't much of a success. So, instead I pulled the bike over to right outside the house and outfit on the mains powered charger. 

It was on the high setting and gradually some life came back as the alarm light started to flash in the rev counter.

The problem seems to be with the alarm. The charger shows a yellow light for charging and a green light for charged. Both are on! The alarm doesn't chime or flash the indicators on disarm but occasionally flashed on arm.

I gave it five hours on high charge and once I managed to disarm I tried to see if it would start. Putting the key in had the clocks lit up and it looked okay but the starter was dead.

I decided to put it away and for hours the alarm has been warbling with a faint peeping...

Tomorrow I'll call the breakdown and if they can't sort it Döra will have to go to Laguna.

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1 comment:

Trobairitz said...

Fingers crossed she doesn't need to go to the shop.

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