5 June 2015

Insignia back!

The car came home today. I called Veetec from the airport and they said they would deliver it back after lunch and it was about 2.30pm when the guy came.

It looks good and the wheels look new and it shines so beautifully.  Sadly I am £330 out of pocket and lose two years of my NCB due to the little shithead in the van driving on my side of the road and into me.

He of course denies it.  I am sure he was eating and/or drinking his fast-food take-away and that's why he ran wide.  As you can see from the original post (picture 3) the passenger miraculously has a drinks cup from KFC or similar joint, despite there not being one around this area for a few miles.

But without witnesses I am screwed and the little shithead no doubt gets to keep his job.

Anyway, the car is back and looks good.  At least the damage isn't as bad as it could have been as the insurance company pays £10 a day for every day over seven that the car is way.  So I got £70 back.

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