19 June 2015

Döra is home

Picked her up about 11am today and had a chat in the shop. Had a look at a couple of Rocket 3's outside.

The latest X model, only 500 for sale worldwide and 50 in UK, looks very big and butch, but outside my wallet!

There is another 2011 model. Loads of extras and more in my price range.... But depends on Döra's value.

I set off and waved at Claire who was waiting but I had little or no petrol. All the trips had been reset so I have to set another in the mpgcalc app. Nerdy I know but I like to know the stats.

The first ride for three months was okay. It was good to be back on the bike again.

The slow relaxed gave 63.2 mpg on the display.

It's Meldrew's monthly meeting this Sunday so hopefully I can get some more miles under my belt.

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Location:Peregrine Close,Hythe,United Kingdom

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Trobairitz said...

Those Rocket IIIs are big beasts. I wonder what insurance would be. It goes by cc's here so would be quite high.

Glad you are back in the saddle again.

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