18 June 2015

Döra is fixed!

Döra is fixed. Yay!

A late call from Laguna came, when I was at cardiac rehab, that I missed as phones have to be off in the rehab area.  By the time I got a signal it was too late to pick her up tonight.  British Bike Night definitely missed.

Jim at Laguna said that they had put in a warranty claim to Triumph for the alarm and the battery, and although they had turned down the battery claim, they had approved the alarm claim!

The choice they had for me was to fit it, or not fit it and credit me with the cost of it to my account that effectively writes off the current bill as it stands.  

As the alarm is a PITA I took the second option: no alarm and the credit to my account.

So I will pick her up tomorrow morning and it will be my first ride since the end of March.

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