21 June 2015

Day Trip to France

I've had a day trip ticket for me and the bike for a while and with it running out I decided, after a courtesy call from Eurotunnel, to book it sooner rather than later.

So June 24th I have a half day across the Channel. I should have been more adventurous but in the end I decided to go out about 1030 and come back about 1600. The way the trains run at this time of the year meant I could only book 1020 and 1550. Other trains full or at least no motorcycle spaces left.

I'm still getting back into biking again and starting to enjoy the freedom.

Fingers crossed that the weather holds up.

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Trobairitz said...

A half day out is better than no days out.

Paul Devall said...

In the end with the time difference, France is one hour ahead of UK, I will actually have about four hours over there.

Enough for a ride down the old D940 from Calais to Boulogne and hopefully get some photos Along the way.

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