23 June 2015

Day Trip to France - Part Deux

From the news it looks as though my trip to France on the bike tomorrow might be disrupted after the events in Calais today.

The French decided to have another strike. This time it was the workers of "My Ferry Link" as they fear for their jobs.  The boats used to be owned by SeaFrance and therefore subsidised by the French Government.  That went tits up and the boats themselves were sold to the company that owns Eurotunnel.

The EU decided that it was anti-competition for Eurotunnel to own the ships as well as the tunnel under the Channel. There have been several appeals but now the ships have been sold to rival DFDS, and the workers are (rightfully) worried about their jobs.  DFDS is a large Scandinavian company running a shrinking number of routes between the UK and Europe.

Added to the the migrants have been even more active and the Government is warning car drivers to keep their doors locked. No mention of us on bikes.....

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