15 June 2015

Another holiday... in a workshop

Döra continued to warble all Sunday and into Monday morning.  I stuffed a few towels around the unit to dull the noise.  We couldn't hear it in our house, but think maybe the neighbour nearer the garage might have.

Come Monday I pulled her out onto the drive and before half eight  called the Carol Nash Breakdown  (CN) number and logged a call.  

Breakdown cover is provided as part of the annual insurance with CN.  There are cheaper policies and there are other breakdown services available. But every year I look and add the two together and CN have always come out cheaper and the service has always worked.  Luckily (touching wood!) I have used the breakdown service but nothing else. Phew.

Some 75 minutes later, a large van from SOS Recovery appeared on the drive. Together we pressed buttons on the key fob, all to no avail. I called Laguna and they said to bring it in.

So we loaded Döra into the van and he set off as I finished booking her into the workshop.  By the time I had loaded Reggie in the car and set off after him, arriving after she had been unloaded. As I got out of the car I could hear the peeping!

The technician wanted to get the noise to stop and had managed that okay with a special tool they have in the workshop. Checking the battery showed it was dead.

We agreed that they would work on it ASAP but it might be a few days as they had a workshop full of bikes already booked in.

I left it that if the alarm had failed they would remove it and I would most likely need a new battery.

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