11 April 2015

Worst of times, best of times...

That's how I felt last Saturday. Easter Saturday exactly.

There I was blissfully in the land of nod. And Reggie jumped on the bed to wake me.

I awoke with a crushing pain in my chest. I got up and went to find Claire. Then came on a cold sweat.


That's what I thought. The paramedic arrived quickly and then the ambulance.

By 0930 we were headed to the hospital. I was rushed into the OR, time only to sign a consent form, and then the angioplasty took place.

A single stent in one vein and by 1100 I was in the Cardiac Care Unit.

I felt immediately better. After four days I was allowed home. I have 4 weeks or so to get fit again.

A life on hold until I am back to full fitness.

Thanks to Reggie for waking me up. The paramedic and ambulance team and the entire medical staff at the William Harvey Hospital. Without all these people I most likely would not be here.

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Trobairitz said...

Kudos to Reggie for waking you up. They say dogs can sense when something is wrong. He may have just saved your life.

Get well wishes heading your way.

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