20 April 2015

TomTom: Up the Swanee

After downloading the US maps from TomTom and even paying for the year's updates to bring them up to date, everything was working well.

The waypoints for the places we are staying in loaded from Tyre okay and I checked the unit would route between them.

I turned it on a few days later and nothing. Dead as the proverbial dodo.

With the power connected it cycles through the start screen and some error messages and won't connect to TomTom Home.

I've had to log a call with TomTom as there seems to be nothing to be done without assistance.

A month before we go away. Fingers crossed!!

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Trobairitz said...

I predict bad words might have been said when it wasn't working properly. Hope they get you sorted in time.

Paul Devall said...

More than a few but as I am not being stressed....

The responses from TomTom Support asking we to do all the things I have done and documented hasn't helpers

I have however got Claire's TomTom XL readied in case.

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