21 April 2015

TomTom: Found a paddle!

As a fall back, mostly for the UK and Europe, I got Claire's TomTom XL out of the bureau. It hasn't been used for a good while but once connected to the laptop it fired up okay.

We decided to take their kind offer of £19.95 for a year's new maps and the download failed a few times as it claimed I had cancelled the download, more than once. Testing the XL gave the same result as we had a few weeks ago with the Rider, where it won't route on the unit. I fixed it (?) by deleting and reinstalling the application. We'll see!

I thought it might be the USB port on the laptop, but trying that had no effect. So I did what all good computer blokes did and I replaced the cable as well......  It well went smooth after that.

I decided to logon to my account on the laptop and see if the Rider worked.  Gulp!  It fired up and started to do the upgrade on the files since the USA maps got installed last week!  It also seems to be holding a charge as well.

Could it have been a dodgy cable after all this?

I have it on charge in the conservatory and then I can have a play and see if it is fixed.

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