23 April 2015

Scotland Glamping

When the Norway trip was eventually put to bed for this year I started to look for an alternative where we could go in the car, and take Reggie with us.

We saw a TV programme where glamping was featured and this led to our first attempt a couple of weeks ago in Essex. The tester overnight at Lee Wick Farm.

So, I set about looking for a glampsite and chose the Loch Ness Glamping site near Drumnadrochit in Scotland.  I chose Scotland as it is is still UK and Reggie doesn't need to have a pet passport.  

Although from where we live, France would be much nearer (about 30 miles and a ferry) but with rabies and other things like tapeworms that we don't get in the UK but the passport is a bit of a pain in the arse. Not so much before we go, but before we come back. Maybe another time.

The round trip to Loch Ness is somewhere in the range of 1400 miles round trip before any excursions. So we'll need to plan stops for Reggie as well as some overnights!

The first I have planned is at Shap in Cumbria. A dog friendly inn.

Shap Wells
The next couple of nights will be in Glencoe Youth Hostel. The Scottish YHA have recently trialled some dog friendly rooms and so I have booked one for a couple of nights. 

Glencoe Youth Hostel
Glencoe is actually one of the "rides you must do" when in Scotland.  Although in the height of summer it can be slow going as the cyclists and motorhomes (RV's) clog up the road. However, there is plenty of room off the road to walk and enjoy the countryside! And that's my hope.

The main glamping is midweek and the drive from Glencoe via Fort William to Loch Ness will take a few hours and there are plenty of places to stop on the way.

After five days in a pod, we turn south again towards home.  I am currently looking for overnight stops to break up the 600 mile return journey.

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Trobairitz said...

Fun!! It sounds like a great trip. I be the views will be stunning.

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