12 April 2015

Project Kettle

Project Kettle was endangered again!  

Having a heart attack does tend to change things about a bit.  I was planning to ride up on Dora to have a chat about the job with Chris, but being off the bike for a while might put paid to that. Maybe I can persuade Claire to drive up there in a dew weekends?

Exhaust gaskets

The collection of bits that will see her (like ships they are always female!) back on the road has continued.  A quick look around the garage revealed that the engine gasket set I had bought, a while back as a standby, had disappeared or at least been put away somewhere.  Where? I have no idea. So, I bought another set off eBay and it came from Poland;  a Vesrah set, so not too unheard of.

Despite owning her since 1983 she has never had name.

But with help from fellow Meldrew MCC mate, Norman, plans are being made to pack her up in his van, and get her up to Saffron Walden. It Is about 90 miles to the restoration garage.

Luckily, even though I was in hospital last weekend, Norman and Cal came to help Claire handover Rosie to her new owner. So I have some budget to put towards the Project.

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