30 April 2015

On the Beach

A short walk on the beach with Reggie.

Need to do exercise to get back to fitness and now I can drive I can take Reggie out.

Today was Dymchurch Beach. Parked by the Martello and then had a walk. Hard going as the tide was still going out and the sand was still damp and easy to sink into.

This Martello is lived in and we have watched the owners transform it over time into a home.

If I won the lottery I might buy one too!!

Reggie investigating the shells that wash up. On the tide line today it was crab carnage! Never seen so many dead crabs and the water birds greedily eating them. I had to get a larger leg out of Reggie's mouth!

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Trobairitz said...

Dogs are a great excuse for a walk. They'll prompt you to exercise. Beach walking just adds to the enjoyment.

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