10 March 2015

New boots

It's the time of year again when both Lidl and Aldi have their motorcycle gear in store.

The gear is generally good value for money and I usually just invest in the "motorcycle socks" as they are thick enough to keep feet warm in winter and allied with "coolmax" keep feet cooler in winter.

My brother, Neill, owed me a tenner and the Lidl socks came in cheaper than Aldi and I got four pairs.

After our Meldrews monthly meeting we had a run down to Aldi in Hythe and had a look. I didn't expect to buy anything at all.

I looked at the boots. At £29.99 they are very cheap, but they look okay, even down to a carbuncle on the outside of the little toes!

I tried a pair of size 10 on and they fitted rather well and so I bought them.

Time will tell. I now need an excuse to get out and test them!

Update: 9/9/17 - Gone to the charity ship worn twice. Okay for local riding but not confident in them at all.

1 comment:

Trobairitz said...

Good price on the boots. Hope they stay as comfy as they were initially.

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