26 March 2015

The world's first Ultra Low Emission Zone

Following this announcement we read in the motorcycling press that the charge for motorcycles would be £12.50!

Dear Stakeholder

Thank you for taking the time to respond to our recent consultation. I can confirm that today the Mayor confirmed the introduction of the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ), which will launch in central London in 2020.  This new scheme will significantly improve air quality across the Capital and so improve the health of Londoners.

After considering the feedback from the consultation, the Mayor confirmed the ULEZ will operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in the same area as the current Congestion Charging zone (CCZ) from 7 September 2020. All cars, motorcycles, vans, minibuses and heavy vehicles will need to meet emission standards (ULEZ standards) or pay an additional daily charge to travel within the zone. In addition, I can confirm that we are committed to ensuring all double deck buses operating in central London will be hybrid and all single deck will be zero emission (eg. electric) by this time. 

Further to the funds announced today, the Mayor has asked us to undertake additional engagement with the taxi and private hire trade and other stakeholders before finalising our plans to change the licensing requirements for these vehicles this summer.  TfL will report back to the Mayor later this year. 

In response to the consultation, we have included some changes to the original proposals. Vehicles which are registered as 'disabled' or 'disabled passenger vehicle' tax class ('disabled exemption') will be granted a three year sunset period with a 100% discount, up until 6 September 2023. In addition, for the purposes of the ULEZ standards, we have aligned our definition of an historic vehicle with the Government's so that all vehicles with a 'historic' vehicle tax class will be exempt.

To find out more about how the ULEZ will operate and information about the scheme might impact you, please visit our website

Thank you once again for your comments and for taking the time to respond to the consultation.

Yours sincerely

Michèle Dix

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