25 March 2015

As one window closes....

.... another one opens.

It is disappointing to have to shelve the plans for a trip to Norway in the summer, but it is not worth going if Claire is going to be in pain for the entire time we are away, and subsequently not enjoying the trip. 

So I started to look for an alternative.  If we are to stay at home we might as well look for somewhere for Reggie to come too. 

With our first glamping coming up this Friday to test the water, we looked at maybe doing the same but further afield.  

We saw Loch Ness Glamping on the TV some weeks ago and it looks nice, plus it's dog friendly and we can go in the car!

They are pretty booked up for August, the dates we have booked off already, but there is a three night slot that will allow us to drive up there, about 636 miles door to door.

However, there are a few days to look at before then. Even in the car it is a long way to drive. So I need to factor in at least one stop on the way north.

Plan A is to drive up and stop overnight about halfway, around North Yorkshire.  I'll be looking on booking.com and maybe some glamping sites for an overnighter!

Then to utilise our Scottish Youth Hostel membership.  Recently, after a trial, there are now five hostels that allow dogs to stay over.  One of them in the beautiful Glencoe area.  Plenty of open countryside and walks. I have emailed them, but if they are full, then I'll look at alternatives.


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Trobairitz said...

That sounds like a fine alternative and you get to take Reggie.

I'll be interested to see how this weekends glamping turns out.

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