19 February 2015

Tripod Reggie

Yesterday Claire messaged to say that Reggie was walking on three legs and carrying one.

When I got home he seemed to be favouring his left rear. I had a look and couldn't see anything stuck in his pads or between his toes and he winced when I touched them.

It looked worse as the night went on and he slept downstairs.

Things hadnt improved so I called the vet and took him in about 9am.

Anthony fiddled about and isolated the outside toe as being the culprit. Not broken but painful from being stretched apart. Some bruising and swelling. He gave Reggie a painkilling injection and we have more to go in his food from tomorrow.

By evening he was more quadrapod than tripod. Two days of this before he can run about like a loon again.


Don Hamon said...

I can't say as to what it's like to have children, but when one of the dogs is sick.....Maybe I should have had kids.


Trobairitz said...

Poor Reggie. He must have been playing too hard.

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