19 February 2015

Tankring fitting....

I had a few hours off after Reggie's visit to the vet (foot injury, no biggy) so I thought I'd fit the Givi tank ring to Döra.

The OEM bolts were not too tight. Three long one short. I took them off in order, clockwise, long, short, long, long.

I then present the "work" to where it should go. It's in three pieces. A lower metal half ring, sandwiching the plastic "cup" that the bag fits to and an upper ring. And here's the first drag, easily solved with a little sellotape. Just a small bit to hold the parts together. Smug.

Then I slip in the new Givi bolts. Finger tight. Ah. The Allen key size is smaller than OEM.

I don't have an allen bit for my driver that small! Job reset. Back to standard. Simple job bollocksed by not checking tools first!!


In the end I checked all the kits and tools in the garage and had nothing to match. So I had a jaunt in the jalopy to town and called in the Hobby-Shop.  We had a few match-ups and it turned out it was a Torx T15 bit not an allen!

After that, five minutes and it was done.

I have to say it looks really good. I doubt I'll use the top part that holds the 7" Tablet. I have a satnav but if I wanted to try a version on the tablet I might get away with it.  Another project?

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