22 February 2015

New Jacket - Triumph Steve McQueen

I know it won't make me look as cool as the coolest man ever to slide a leg over a motorcycle. 

Nor will it make me look like one of the last great movie stars from the age when men were men, and women seemed pleased about it!

But. It is a fine looking jacket - The Triumph Steve McQueen Collection jacket.

After penning a blog entry only in November last year regarding my FT Aqua jacket,  when I was being seduced by a £350 Triumph Explorer jacket, I have succumbed.

Not that Frank (http://invictamoto.blogspot.co.uk/2014/11/ft-aqua.html) will get the elbow, it is still waterproof at six and three quarter years of heavy use, but Steve is simply too gorgeous to be used all the time.

Steve came about as I saw a review of a leather version at about £400, and as I googled it threw up the eBay page of Total Triumph in the West Country.

The price leaped out at half price.... £115.

Waterproof? Yep. Breathable? Yep. Cool? Most assuredly.

And most importantly. My size? Oh yessiree bub!

It arrived in yesterday's post.

I can almost imagine what goes through their minds as some women look (drooling) over flimsy shoes with red soles or a handbag carried by La Beckham.

How can a jacket, a mere motorcycle jacket, be such a thing of beauty? Buggered if I know.


In fact, so beautiful I didn't want to besmirch it by wearing it.

But soil its newness I did, but only in the house to let Claire see it.  It fitted like a glove, albeit a tight glove. maybe a prompt to lose some bulk?

Steve my NBF.

Roll on weather suitable for rubber to road interfacing.


Trobairitz said...

Very cool. How could you resist with such a great deal on price?

Paul Devall said...

I agonised for a few days even at that price!

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