11 February 2015


Something that I have avoided suggesting, but with Reggie to accommodate our weekends away in a hotel are surely numbered and so I started looking about for an alternative.

A work colleague in a similar situation, but child not dog, said she had been "glamping" in Cornwall, and they all really enjoyed it.

So with holidays to plan, I had a look for "dog friendly glamping" on Google and was surprised to find that there are so many places offering a glamp.

Glamping ranges from tents to yurts to cabins, caravans to pods - essentially anything where you don't  have to wrestle your own rent up and then sleep in the ground or blow up mat. 

Saying all that in previous parts of my life I have loved to go camping, on holidays and on bike rallies.  In all weathers too, from days in Holland, when the outer of the tent was iced to southern Spain, when the temperature outside was over 35°C and considerably hotter inside the tent.

But not for a few years.

So as a taster before we commit to a longer session I have booked a one night glamp in a pod at a site in Essex.  It will be our first overnight with Reggie, so we need all his paraphernalia plus stuff for ourselves! Fingers crossed he is the "well behaved" dog they expect.....

We are booked here.


Trobairitz said...

A few years ago we rented a cabin in the woods for a few nights to meet up with family for a few days. Sure was nice to go into a two room cabin with heat, light, electricity and bed frames. All we needed to do was provide bed rolls and our food stuffs, etc.

We did this 2-3 years in a row. By the second year, we knew to take the coffee pot. :-)

I highly recommend it.

Paul Devall said...

When I lived in Czech there were a lot of camps where there were little cabins that saved camping under canvas.

There was one that we took the kids to in the shadow of the Dukovany nuclear power station!

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