4 February 2015

Apple Store

All handled very well. I arrived early and waited until the Genius came looking for me about 1730, my appointment time.

Went through the problem. He ran diagnostics. My battery in the red despite 92% on battery meter.

Waited for next bloke. Ran diagnostics again. Same result. Good news battery replacement free of charge.

Off he goes. Next Genius arrives. Phone out of warranty so £59 please and 90 mins to wait.

Not happy but need phone. O2 do the phone over 24 months but it's warranty is 12.

Leave phone to be done.

Shame no Runkeeper app on work's BB as I walk miles around West End to find coffee shop with seats free and not full of the after work crowd.

Coffee in Costa. Read "The Black Echo" by Michael Connelly on my Kindle to kill time.

Head back to Apple. Short wait. Brand new phone for my £59! Happier but not ecstatic!!

Genius sets it up and kicks off the restore I took on their wifi from iCloud.

By now it's 1915 and so I leg it to the station. Dodging rough sleepers, drunks and tourists and make the 1942 train home.

Fingers crossed that when I get home and connect to wifi that the restore will restart as the Genius said it will.

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Paul Devall said...

It was a good idea to go home. I got in at 2050 and sorted out the wifi, and at 0020 the restore finished. It did need a few re-boots, as it kept stopping...

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