31 January 2015

Sony NWZ-B183 Walkman

Claire wanted an MP3 player for her car but not spend too much money. It needs to have a screen to choose the music and it has to be able to take albums and not just tracks. And this Walkman fits the bill.

It is shaped pretty much like a memory stick although a little fatter.  Getting music on it is simple enough as it connects like a memory stick and you simply drag and drop music folders into the music folder.

There is a drawback of course and it's name is Apple.  Although I own all the music I have ever downloaded from iTunes or Amazon or ripped from CDs I own, it's Apple's music that will copy to the Walkman, but has been locked so that it can't be detected and therefore can't be played.

Downloaded from Amazon and ripped from CD's works perfectly.  Another reason to get Apple and their shit out of our lives. I'll start to get stuff on it for her!  Trouble is she's not really into the same music as me.....

On top of the iPhone problems I am having it just goes to show how the big corporations are ruining this world. Too much power.


Trobairitz said...

I didn't even know Sony still made a Walkman. Sure looks different from they did when cassette tapes were all the rage. My how times change.

Paul Devall said...

The Walkman name lives on.

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