29 January 2015


I suppose we have had the infestation for quite a while, but having a dog, and a terrier as well, has revealed that our garden looks to be a rat run.

Not on the surface though. With the garden decked over for the most part we have provided them with a relatively dry runway across the garden.

Reggie started to dig in the garden and uncovered a tunnel in the earth, Every time he goes out he is running around, sniffing the cracks in the deck and "following" the scent trail we suppose.

So today I am waiting in for the pest control man to come and have a look and set some bait or whatever to kill them, or at least dissuade them from using my garden.

As for Reggie. He's relaxing on the couch.


Trobairitz said...

Yikes. Good thing Reggie has a good sniffer or you might not have known they were there. Hopefully pest control can take care of them for you.

Paul Devall said...

Pest control came and laid some bait in the tunnel and another lot under the deck. Fingers crossed!

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