31 January 2015

iPhone 5S

Back in December my 5S decided to lock itself and the guys at O2 managed to reset it back to factory settings. 

There has been an intermittent problem since iOS 8 came out that has affected my phone, and from wha I have read on the 'net loads of others, where no matter what the battery level is the phone powers down. I have had it do it anywhere between 21% and 65% of life left.

I logged into apple.com/uk/support/contact last week and before it had finished the online checks I got a notification that an iOS upgrade was ready.

I installed it and have had three days without it tripping out. Until today. Once again I logged in have now had to book a "genius" session at the Apple Store in Covent Garden for them to look at it as the "recommended" suggestion.

Let's see if they can fix it.

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