30 January 2015

First snow of 2015

The first proper dusting of the year arrived yesterday in Hythe.

After the rat catcher had arrived, sadly no pied outfit and flute, I took Reggie for a walk. Picking our way in the car past miles of trucks on the M20 towards Dover. Sensibly they were in the left lane so we could get past without incident until the junction with the Old Dover road at Capel when they filled both lanes. Well managed someone!

We parked up above the ferry terminal near the White Cliffs visitor centre. Not many cars about as it was a weekday and very cold. The gauge in the car showing 2C as the outside temperature.

I did a mile or so on the paths overlooking the terminal and Reggie much more as he runs back and forth. And then the drizzle started.

Dog walking will be fun in summer!!

The drive home was a little quicker as roads away from Dover weren't jammed with trucks, although some curious lane closures were causing bottlenecks at all the roundabouts between the port and the top of the hill before Samphire Hoe.

We had settled down to catch up on some TV programmes recorded on Sky when Claire came home. It was then we heard the rattling of something on the conservatory roof. Rain turning to hail and then.. Snow.

It came down quite heavily just as we were leaving for dog training classes. The roads a little slippery but not too bad. The higher up we went from sea level where we live to Saltwood and it was thicker. Maybe two inches where we parked.

So this morning much of it had gone but higher ground still shows a dusting.

And the miracle? Southeastern trains still running to schedule!

By the time we had got towards the Thames crossing at Dartford, of snow their wasn't a sign. As he hurtled towards London through Essex it was bright and just damp underfoot.

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Location:Medals Way,London,United Kingdom

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