30 January 2015

Dog Training

When you get a rescue dog you also sign up to the idea that you will get the little darling trained so that it is not a danger to the public, or to you and itself.

So we signed up for an eight week course that leads to a bronze certificate from the Kennel Club, that shows he has reached a certain standard.

Week One was okay. Apart from Reggie taking a dislike to a French Bulldog and a Boxer, and growling and barking, he did all the exercises like a pro.

Week Two. Last night. Pretty much the same pattern. Both flat faced dogs were barked and growled at. Steve the instructor came over and showed me how to be boss.

Sharp tug on lead and "no" deep and forcibly. I suppose it's what I have been doing only gentler!

Mind you he didn't growl or bark at them again. Another almost perfect performance again.

Next week?

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