29 January 2015

BT Wifi

And here is another tale of woe.

When you have British Telecom's broadband in your home there are a few "free" extras.

One is to be able to watch BT Sport on your laptop/tablet/phone and in non-HD on a TV.

The other is free wifi across the country.

BT hubs provide wireless in the house but have a public side so that other BT customers can use a bit of your connection. It costs nothing and they don't use your bandwidth.

This used to work pretty well but was clunky. How many wifi connections need a user name and password entered every time? Most usually connect as soon as the phone or computer picks it up.

Not BT. When the wifi icon appears you have to run the app.

Except it fails all the time. I thought it was me until I read the reviews on the Apple App Store. Me? Yes, but also lots of others.

BT Customer Support proving to be hopeless.

Total shite!

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